Cannot get 300dpi image to insert at 100% size

2. Juli 2018 08:22 (vor 3 Monaten)

I am looking to submit a book to Ingram Spark soon and one of their requirements are that all images are 300dpi or above and "Inserted at 100% size".I have been using OpenOffice now for seven years and never had to think about this, I have just inserted and resized by shift clicking in the corner of the image and dragging til it looked right. Now I have to conform to someone elses requirement.
I have resized all my images in Photoshop so that they are 300 dpi this has lead to some very precise sizes such as 2.6666666 inches (800 pixels at 300dpi).If I insert the picture from file, OO fills the page with the image. If I scale it numerically I can get to 2.66 or 2.67 inches, but this gives me 798 pixels or 801 pixels which is not "100%" or "pixel for pixel".If I then click "original size" it pops the picture back to filling the page.It is as if OO ignores the images built in dpi setting. In Word I just click the "100%" button and the job is done.Please tell me there is a way of doing this in OO.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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