why I am thinking it's gear box related?

10. Juli 2018 13:38 (vor 2 Monaten)

Me again 3 times this week. My car seems to be acting rather strange (but only at random) although becoming more noticeable. Generally after 20 minutes of driving when I come to a stop in traffic the car will rev sometimes as much as up to 2000 RPM and then settle back down again, driving to London and moving along in traffic is when I noticed it and it was doing it all the time? I know if I book it in with Audi they will take it for a quick test drive and most likely it wont do it. I wondered if anyone else has had the same thing? Not sure if it is gearbox software related or Throttle sensor? It doesn't do it when i drive it using the paddles in manual mode which is why I am thinking it's gear box related?

Please help me out.

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