Steering problem

12. Juni 2018 09:27 (vor 6 Tagen)

My 2016 A1 Sportback S-line S-tronic is suffering from a knocking sound and vibration from the steering column when manoeuvring at low speeds, such as when parking. The problem first started about a month ago, and had got more and more noticeable since. This is my second A1 so I know it's not normal and it's definitely not the normal power steering wine that you get sometimes. I can generally 'feel' the problem more than hear it if that makes sense? Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and had it diagnosed/resolved? I'm currently waiting for my dealer to have the car back after an initial inspection confirming something wasn't right. They want to take the steering column apart and have a look. I've read the facelift A1 has electro-mechanical steering whereas the first gen cars has electro-hydraulic, is that true? If so, could it just be a symptom of the new steering system?

Please help.

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