9. Dezember 2010 22:07 (vor über 10 Jahren)
Möchte euch auf 2 Gewinnspiele hinweisen, die euch vielleicht interessieren könnten.


  • 21. Juli 2021 09:20 (vor 2 Monaten)

    You Inner Passion in Your Heart.Everyone -every person in this world has a Dream: a passion, a vision in
    their life that pulls them and urges them to move forward in life. You, my friend have this vision within
    you, it "whispers" to you occasionally, but in some cases it cries out. It cries out to be listened to and
    acted upon because this vision comes from your soul.Find your inner fire, your sense of purpose; this fire
    will help you harness strengths you're not even aware you have. Be connected with your inner passions -
    your Life's Dreams, and live that passion every day.